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Welcome to EthioDealers

EthioDealers Brokers is a recently established company with having the Lion's share and two professional shareholders combining entrepreneurial sprite,ICT Team and industry specific technical and managerial expertise.

  • Our vision is to minimize wastage of time, power and money; by having the information and making others beneficiary in sharing all of the information collected and providing to the right person at the right moment.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the ups and downs of information exchange in Ethiopia, by having a smooth and legal relation with each client and creating an opportunity for others to exchange information with us. We plan on achieving this by having legal permission, legal form for employment solution and legal contract for owner of any kind of property.

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We have platform to get loan that makes you to buy your dream asset

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ሽያጭ እና ግዢ

ደንበኞች በተቀላጠፈ መልኩ ንብረታቸዉን ወደ ገንዘብ ገንዘባቸዉን ወደ ንብረት መቀየር እንዲችሉ ማስቻል.


ድርጅቶዎንም ሆነ እራስዎን ለብዙሃን ተደራሽ እንዲሆኑ ማስቻል

ዌብሳይት ማበልጸግ

ከቢዝነሶ ጋር በቀላሉ የሚዋሃድ እና ኢንተግሬት የሆነ ዌብሳይት እንሰራሎታለን